Friday, February 12, 2010

Bran • Arya

I almost forgot Bran still had chapters, and it took me a few minutes of digging to remember what last happened to him in Game of Thrones. Bran was just chilling with his little bro Rickon back in the crypts, mourning their dad. Recently, their wolves Summer and Shaggy howl all the time. Maester Luwin thinks its because of the gigantic comet. Their resident wise old woman Nan just casually asserts that the comet means dragons, but everyone ignores her. Luwin should take a hint from every fantasy book ever written: if a wise old woman speaks, she's always right.

Bran complains about his wolf dreams while Maester Luwin offers his cynical scientific advice. Luwin needs to realize that he lives in a universe where dragons and zombies exist. Compared to those, a kid dreaming he's a wolf isn't that weird. Instead, Luwin acts like Bran's shrink and basically writes Cat a prescription for Ritalin. The rest of the chapter is Bran dreaming he's a wolf, which is trippy and strange and frankly kind of cool. Wolf Bran is fast, strong, and generally awesome. But it must suck when Bran wakes up and realizes he can't walk or maul annoying children anymore.

Arya witnesses the exodus of peasants seeking refuge at King's Landing to escape the war-torn countryside. Yoren's group instead travels north, stopping only to bury Praed. I don't know anything about Praed, other than that his name rearranged spells "raped." The group stops at an inn and we get some background about what's been going on. I think it's cool that Martin gives us a commoner's viewpoint on the war, as listening solely to leaders and council chambers dissociates the reader greatly from the grim, brutal reality. We learn that Grey Wind is helping build Robb's legend and Nymeria made some friends and now leads a giant roving wolf pack. Awesome. I suppose Arya could go searching for her, but that would instantly reveal her identity.

Arya meets the three chained guys in the back of Yoren's wagon. One talks a lot, one is vulgar and violent, and the last one is some sort of ogre-monster. Martin obviously wrote this scene because these guys will eventually be freed, so I am curious as to what happens when the chains come off. Maybe they'll be nice guys who will muss Arya's hair and call her "little sister." Or maybe they will, as Rorge so eloquently put it, "shove a stick up her bunghole." Arya certainly didn't help by punching Biter in the face.

Arya prepares to duel the Bull, but they're interrupted by the Gold Cloaks. They want "the boy," which turns out to be Gendry, probably because Cersei figured out he was Bob's bastard son. The City Watch guys are all big and bad with their swords and warrants, but Yoren doesn't care and tells them to fuck off anyway. A fight seems imminent, but the Gold Cloaks realize they are outnumbered and peace out, vowing to return. What's going to save Yoren's band of ex-cons when the Gold Cloaks come back? My bet is on the three chained guys or a giant pack of wolves.


  1. Agrees with the badass Yoren sentiment. And the Stark boys at Winterfell. I have such a soft spot for them and their little wolves. :D

  2. You will see more badass caracters soon! I can promisse u that. this book is great and your point of view on it is really fun! Good work!
    Oh, by the away, my favourite non-POV caracter will reappear soon and he is the biggest badass!I hope u speek a lot of him! :D

  3. Your predictions are very astute. Not all of them are correct, but it's still pretty impressive.

    Arya meets alot of cool characters. :)

  4. Hey! It is awsome that the blog is up and running again, and that you have not lost any bit of your humour.

    Lannister biggest assets xDD

  5. I think the third book is the best, and many of my friends would agree with me. You really have something to look forward to once you've finished the second.

  6. I never picked up on the Praed anagram before. I'm now wondering if it was unconscious, as the Wall was reduced to having to recruit from amongst the refuse of Kings Landing, including rapists.

  7. Hahaha, could you even imagine Rorge and Biter in the Night's Watch?

    And I really can't wait for more entries. Just wait until Jason gets to the part with Vargo Hoat, which will be hilarious.

  8. Haha, just found that you're updating again. Keep up the good work!

  9. When I first read that Arya Chapter, I thought the Silver haired Lorathi was a pedaphile.

    What do you think Rorge, Biter, and The Lorathi's crimes were?


  10. I mean C'mon.

    All that 'Sweet Boy' 'Kind Boy', stuff...



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